Maybe it’s for the first time — but probably not. Millions of older people are dating because they’re divorced after being married for a long time. In fact, the divorce rate among older Americans has exploded since the 1990s. It even has its own nickname: gray divorce. And it’s happening all over the world, including South Africa, Japan, Australia and England, where it’s called silver splitting.

I’m a writer and editor who was married for almost 30 years before getting divorced. It wasn’t my idea. Have you heard the expression “stranger in a strange land”? That’s how I feel about being single again. And as all my friends will tell you, I have a terrible sense of direction. When it comes to gray dating, I really don’t know how to navigate the terrain.

For advice, information and inspiration, I’m talking with people who are seeking and finding romance, love, and even marriage after turning 50. Some went through gray divorces. Others are widowed or have been single for years. I’m also talking with experts on gray dating. Sex, finances, living arrangements – everything’s on the table.

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